Hi! I'm Damian, an illustrator and artist from Rotterdam. My creative journey began as a Graphic Designer and flourished further in the field of illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy. With a vibrant experience in the festival scene, I've collaborated with diverse clients to bring unique projects to life. My background as a Graphic Designer at various companies has honed my skills, but it's my passion for storytelling through visuals that defines my work.

For me, each project is an opportunity to blend my design expertise with a personal touch. I always strive to provide visual solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also carry meaning.


Selected press:
Illustrated Tapes


2017 - De Biecht. Theater Walhalla, Rotterdam.
2017 - Grafixx Festival, Greenhouse. De Studio, Antwerp.
2017 - Cross Comix Rotterdam. Schouwburg, Rotterdam.
2018 - Motel Mozaique Festival. Schouwburg, Rotterdam.
2018 - Cross Comix Rotterdam. Schouwburg, Rotterdam.
2019 - Shake Bristol. Rough Trade, Bristol.
2019 - Red Floor Gallery, Spring Fever. WDKA, Rotterdam.
2021 - Decay Exhibition, Rise Collective. Arch Hanoi.
2021 - Publieke Werken. Rotterdam.
2021 - Graduation Show. WDKA, Rotterdam. 
2021 - Reflections. Boijmans Depot, Rotterdam.
2021 - Off Grid. Galerie Kruisweg, Haarlem.
2021 - Illustratie Biennale. Haarlem.
2022 - Solo exhibition. Coffee Company, Rotterdam.

Selected Clients (A-Z)

Awakenings, Boijmans Depot, Cardboarders, De IJsmaker, Dutch Foundation of Literature, Grafixx, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Illustratie Biennale, Lowlands, Motel Mozaique, Uitagenda Rotterdam, Wildeburg Festival, Yellowtipi.
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